We match your unique business needs with our deep understanding of the business structure

Information technology and tracking solutions

  • Vehicle tracking and recovery system
  • Mobile and voice tracking
  • Live Map tracking
  • Reporting and training
  • Fleet management
  • Information technology

Procurement support services

We support different businesses through Procurement and Supply services which we function in the following area considering value for money, on-time delivery and quality.

  • Industrial and production Chemical
  • Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering Equipment and Spares
  • High quality personal protective Equipment
  • Marine Equipment supplies

HVAC and cooling services

  • Air conditioners and dehumidifiers
  • Chillers and Boilers
  • Cooling Van and Ice Block making machine
  • Cold room equipment supplies and installation

Engineering/construction services

  • Our teams have extensive experience in optimizing the design, and construction of all refinery facilities, including distillation, hydro-processing, fluid catalytic cracking, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units.Our goal is to deliver improved HSE and quality performance on a wide range of projects, including the following:
    • Feasibility studies
    • Front-end loading
    • FEED & detailed engineering
    • Process design
    • Project & construction management
    • Commissioning
    • Start-up
    • Debottle necking
    • Revamps and Clean fuel modifications
    • Automation & control

Manpower provision services

  • Technicians
  • Operational Staff and Engineers
  • Factory and office Support staffs